If you want to play with the silentype:


You don't need to boot into DOS 3.3, just launch mame's apple2p driver with -sl1 silentype,hit reset, type PR#1 and you are sending data to the printer.

CTRL+Q will dump the hi-res screen.

Intensity is stored in 0xCF10:

POKE -12528,0 for intensity 0
POKE -12528,7 for intensity 7

or CALL -151 and then CF10:7 for example.

CTRL+T toggles screen echo

(if you enable screen echo, output is limited to 40 columns so if you LIST an applesoft program it won't be 80 columns wide)

And you can have multiple silentypes which is kind of fun: -sl1 silentype -sl2 silentype. PR#2 will send data to the printer in slot #2.

It will save each page to the snap directory under a silentype directory with a filename that includes the slot number like so:


There's something really satisfying about watching the emulated printhead move back and forth.

I always felt bad when my silentype printer broke years ago due to a flimsy plastic printhead and a wrinkle in the paper.

I don't feel so bad now that I can run it in mame. 8-)