Ok if you want to try the Graphics Tablet,


You'll need the rom:

ROM_LOAD( "341-0026-00.bin", 0x000000, 0x000800, CRC(3dda85de) SHA1(b025f03bb5a9316d4a50bca5503ad4825389518f))

It's pretty useful to "tune" the tablet by setting the min and max values it will return which can be done from the lua console or the mame debugger memory view window (Apple Graphics Tablet/:sl2:agraphtablet/ entries)

You can't have min less than 97 (0x61) or max greater than 2560 (0xa00). Values outside this range are considered "off scale" and you will be likely be eaten by a grue. (No, nothing bad will happen but it will act as though the pen is off the tablet).

Note also that you should use the control panel to remap the mouse buttons for the joystick 3 input (which is masquerading as our tablet) if you want to draw with the tablet disk.

Joystick Button 1 will make the tablet go "offscale" and joystick button 2 will act as "pen down".

The software's not really usable yet as clicking on the overlay buttons is impossible, but I managed to hit the color menu just clicking blindly.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

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