Yesterday I created a video called "Loading and Saving Astrocade 'AstroBASIC' 'Tapes' using MAME Emulation." I uploaded it to various places today.



This tutorial explains how to load and save Bally BASIC programs in the Astrocade emulator in MAME. Specifically "AstroBASIC" programs are loaded on the emulated Bally Arcade/Astrocade console, a game system released in January of 1978. The steps required to get the MAME emulator up and running with the system ROMs are explained in a previous tutorial called "Setting up Astrocade Emulation Using MAME."

The main idea of this video is to get a user loading programs from "tape" (actually WAV files archived on as quickly as possible. After the instructions in the tutorial have been followed, any user of a Windows system that has at least version 0.208 of the MAME emulator setup can load and save software to and from "tape."

Some short examples from the following type-in programs are provided here:


1) 4D2 (Video Art, Machine Language)
2) Electronic Blanked (Video Art, BASIC)
3) M-III Plus (Video Art, BASIC)
4) The Pits (Game, BASIC)
5) Astro Zap 2000 (Game, BASIC)
6) MOD 2 (Graphic Demo, BASIC)


1) THANKS.WAV - A short 2-line BASIC Program that's supposed to say "THANKS, 'JUST DESSERTS!,' but I noticed just before uploading this video that I misspelled DESSERTS as DESSETS. No program runs without an error, right?

Note: Occasionally during this video, the screen "flashes." This doesn't happen when using the software. This is a side effect of the Open Broadcaster Software that I used to make this recording. Rest assured, when you run MAME and follow these steps your screen will have none of the flashing.


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