Hi RB, ok let's see if we can figure out the delay:

Making a saveitem of m_testdelay:

static int mykeystate=0;
static double mykeysecondtimedown;

if ((m_joybuttons->read()&0x10) && (mykeystate==0))  // state 0 = key up
{             mykeystate=1;
              printf("delay = %f\n",mykeysecondtimedown-machine().time().as_double());
else if (!(m_joybuttons->read()&0x10))  // button up, set keystate to 0

if ((offset==0x70)) // c0f0 slot 7
{           if ((mykeystate==1) && (machine().time().as_double() > mykeysecondtimedown))
                return 0xff;
                return 0;
else if ((offset==0x78)) // c0f0 slot 7
if (mykeystate==1) return 0xff; else return 0;

print (emu.item(emu:items()["Apple //e/:/0/m_testdelay"]):write(0,0))   -- loudest
print (emu.item(emu:items()["Apple //e/:/0/m_testdelay"]):write(0,12))   -- quietest

using 1/1520 as a reference I was able to see that it got the quietest on 12 * 1/1520 of delay. More than 12x didn't see to make a difference. So I'd say it goes from 0 delay to 12x.

12 = delay = 0.007895

I ran the Alphaplus software and pressed the 0 key for "Velocity Piano". The other instruments(1-9) don't seem to be velocity sensitive.

If you hit CTRL+T in AlphaPlus there are adjustments that can be made to the Velocity Sensitivity.

0 = most sensitive, 7 is least

(p.67 of the alphaplus tutorial manual)

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]