Thank you very much for the SCSI command info!

I got it working and proceded to try a drive-hooked-up IIgs.

5.25 drive: BlankProdos.dsk
3.5 drive: PrintShopGS.2mg
SCSI cdrom: GO.iso
SCSI hardrive: SCSIHD.chd (not booted)
VULCAN.GOLD hardrive: VULCAN.chd (boot)
RAM-Drive: 4MB

Everything works nicely. What a machine!

[Linked Image from]

Obviously the IIgs slots (nvram) must be set accordingly. In my case I went with: Slot2: Your card, Slot7: Your card, Boot: Scan, and set a RAM-Drive to 4MB

Example command:

D:\Mame>mame64 apple2gs -ramsize 8M -flop1 D:\Mame\software\apple2gs\BlankProdos.dsk -flop3 D:\Mame\software\apple2gs\PrintShopGS.2mg -sl2 scsi -sl2:scsi:scsibus:1 cdrom -cdrom1 D:\Mame\software\apple2gs\GO.iso -sl2 scsi -sl2:scsi:scsibus:6 harddisk -hard1 D:\Mame\software\apple2gs\SCSIHD.chd -sl7 vulcangold -hard2 D:\Mame\software\apple2gs\VULCAN.chd


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