I have the data sheets for chip that's inside the ClikClok (the DS1315), if that would help. There's also the Venix driver for it, which lays bare how it works if you'd like, but it's working, eh? I think it was also derived from the DS1315 datasheet plus looking at the DOS driver, though.
July 4th's master branch is working in with Venix for me, as well as MSDOS. I've not tried CP/M yet.
Thanks for the serial trick: I'll be able to transfer things back and forth more easily now.
I also just purchased a PC1XX-AK for my Rainbow 100A. It allows up to 832k of memory. The board has 8087 silk screened on it, but the 8087 spot wasn't populated (I had high hopes when I read the description).
The disks will be here in a few days. I'll let you know what I find.