Hello to all. I’m in a bit of a pickle:

I have tracked an elusive arcade cab named « Chameleon RX1 » by Covielsa/Digital Sunil to a small arcade owner in Perpignan, France. The owner has reported that the machine has mechanical problems and he’s considering scrapping it.

It is strongly implied to be a PC hardware based arcade. The owner has mentioned he would get rid of it by mid August due to storage needs. I basically told him I would mention the possibility of acquiring the machine to arcade fans as I myself cannot house an arcade.

However, I would be prepare to buy some components of the arcade (hard drive, tech specs and manuals, possibly other internals...) in order to see this game preserved in Mame someday. Basically I would need your point of view on what elements I should absolutely acquire from the arcade knowing that it runs on PC hardware (the hard drive is a given but are there other essentials?).

Team recreativas has documented the machine here:


Thank you for your advice.

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