Install IRIX 6.5 onto an emulated Silicon Graphics INDY using MAME 0.211

This is basically an updated version of the previous post. Screenshots are not included because they are nearly identical to the previous post.

1) Get the software ready:

a) Be sure you have the correct Machine ROM in your roms folder; "".
There are some other ROMs we need for keyboard functionality.

*Note: The "" files I found from my usual sources did not work. They were missing a file called "72x8455.zm82". I googled and found the file, then added it to my "".

b) Get the Install IRIX 6.5 install CD-ROM disc images from the Internet Archive ( Search for "IRIX 6.5". I removed spaces and renamed the .img files as ".iso" to make the later commands simpler.

You need 4 disc images:
IRIX 6.5 Installation Tools June 1998
IRIX 6.5 Foundation 1
IRIX 6.5 Foundation 2
IRIX 6.5 Applications June 1998

c) Make a blank 12 GB Hard Drive using the chdman utility with this command:
chdman createhd -f -o irix12gbHD.chd -s $[12288*1572864]

I put all files (zip, iso and chd) in my "roms" folder to make the later commands simpler.

2) Boot the machine using the CD-ROM image, and mount the Hard Drive. The command I used also sets MAME into windowed mode (with the default resolution of an INDY system) to make it easier to move back and forth between the tutorial and MAME. I'm using a Mac laptop, so I use "fn" + "delete" key to partially escape the emulated keyboard. Then I can "command" + "tab" to switch between apps. Double check this function in the MAME docs for your system, so you do not get locked into the emulation keyboard with no way to escape.

Replace <PATH TO MAME FOLDER> with your correct path:

<PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/mame64 indy_6410 -cdrom <PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/roms/IRIX6.5ApplicationsJune1998.iso -harddisk <PATH TO MAME FOLDER>/roms/irix12gbHD.chd -window -nomaximize -resolution 1280x1024

You will see the Welcome to INDY screen, then a warning will say "unable to boot" press "continue" (probably means the HD has no system yet). You will then see the main CD-ROM interface with 6 buttons.

3) Click the Enter Command Monitor button.

setenv -f eaddr 08:00:69:12:34:56 <enter>
setenv monitor h <enter> (Tells system you have a high-res monitor)

Then click "done"

4) Enter Command Monitor again.

Initialize the HD. In Command Monitor type this command:

boot -f dksc(0,6,8)sashARCS dksc(0,6,7)stand/fx.ARCS

Then back to the Welcome screen, you can click "Install System Software". It will Say "Copying installation tools to disk"

It then loads the command monitor to ask permission to make a new file system on the hard disk.

Follow the prompts. It will ask you to choose Filesystem block size (I used "512")

After several minutes you will see "Invoking software installation." and a menu with 14 choices.

At the prompt Inst> type "6" <enter> for install. Press space bar to load all the text. You will see 4 choices. type "1" <enter> to install. It will ask if you want to check for old files type "no" <enter>

You will have a choice:


type "1" <enter> for install.

The installer will remind you that The CD-ROM is part of a set and prompt for insertion of other disc. You must insert the other discs one at a time using MAMEs internal UI "File Manager" to browse and select the disc(IRIX 6.5 Foundation 1.iso). Return to the machine by using the tab key and press Enter. The system will check the files and again prompt for any other discs. Use the File Manager again and load (IRIX 6.5 Foundation 2.iso). Do the same for (IRIX 6.5 Applications June 1998.iso).

At the inst> prompt type go <enter>

It should now start installing. Occasionally, it will ask you to insert another CD-ROM. Use MAMEs File Manager to insert the correct CD. Then return to the MAME machine and allow the installer to run.

I'm not sure how long it takes for this installation. I let MAME run in the background and just checked it every so often to see if it was asking for a different CD. Probably about 2 hours later the install was done.

At the inst> prompt type quit <enter>

You will see a notice "Requickstarting ELF files" a percentage will count to up to %100.

Do not be fooled by the word "quick". This process takes an hour.

Then the machine will reboot and you will be able to log into the GUI. So far I just used the "demos" account. No password is needed.