Yeup Bletch, I used a pre-setup HDD for the mac also wink. I sometimes get lazy because it seems all too hard lol. Which is a shame!

Creating a blank HDD should be simpler for sure and many machines have various quirks, size, setups etc. Also from what R. Belmost said, it might not be the HDD creation itself, but some sort of specific way it needs to be 'installed' so the HDD image might even be ok etc. Hence the user/premade profile idea, but I wonder if you can get mame to extract info also from the driver?

Even more handy would be a way that bletch can read what exactly is wrong/missing with a machine, at least some sort of info. 'ie timing no 100%, sound problems, and even some other details which people would find intereseting', rather than just 'not working' .

But anyway! most machines are going to have the basics like a floppy drive, ram, hdd.. so even hooking these up easily would be handy. - oh yeah, 'swapping' disks/cd's should be much easier too.

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