Ok, I've gotten a version of BletchMAME rushed out with very crude support for profiles.

The main view is now tabbed, with a Machine List being one tab and a Profile List being another tab. When BletchMAME starts up, it will look through Profile directories (specifiable on the "Paths") menu, looking for XML files that match "*.bletchmameprofile"

Here is an example of profile XML:

<profile machine="coco2b">
	<image tag="ext:fdcv11:wd17xx:0:qd" path="D:\OneOfMyOldDiskFiles.dsk"/>

Right now, these profiles do nothing other than specify images that are loaded on startup, but I envision in the future, we could have the following:

  • When emulations end, the profiles get updated with the new image list
  • Save states specific to the profiles loaded on emulation start and completion
  • The ability to right click on a machine a "fresh" profile for that machine
  • Administrivia (e.g. - delete, rename etc)

Of course, this is extremely prelimary. Some of the basic stuff (e.g. - persisting column widths on the profile view) are not implemented, but what interests me is getting this in front of people.