I was finally able to see the Silentype's font 1 and font 2. You have to use the BIG.DRIVER from the silentype disk and get that integrated into your SOS.DRIVER file. But the latest mame's got floppy corruption problems, every time I try to write a disk it seems to clobber it. Claudette Clobber...

So I thought, why not go back in time, and try an old mame version, I tried a few but was able to get 0178 to compile. Thank you NOWERROR=1! And that version seemed to be able to write the SOS.DRIVER to the floppy.

git checkout mame0178

I discovered the Apple3 "ready to run" hd setup and was able to integrate the BIG.DRIVER silentype driver into bosboot.dsk (after deleting APPLE2.INTERP because it was so full).

and typing

FOR I=0 TO 2: PRINT #1 CHR$(27)"F"CHR$(I) " FONT "I:FOR J=32 TO 127 : PRINT #1 CHR$(J) : NEXT : PRINT #1 : NEXT

FONT 0 is the normal font (80 chars per line, 5 pixels + 1 pixel gap)
FONT 1 is the compact font (96 chars per line, 4 pixels + 1 pixel gap)
FONT 2 is the roman font(60 chars per line, 7 pixels + 1 gap)

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
3x size
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Yay! I've been trying so long to get that to work!

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