Here's a weird bug with regards to autorepeat and the User-initiated break:

Bring up the apple2e driver with the debugger active, hit the tilde/backtick key for a user-initiated break, keeping the focus on the apple2e window, then type a bunch of keys like asdf jkl;, then switch to the debugger window and give a go command and now your auto repeat will never stop repeating no matter what key you press except for the backtick. Offset $17 in the x_mask keeps getting stuck to $40, which you can see in the debugger memory window:

You can manually set the $40 to zero in the memory view, but it will get set right back to $40.

The only way to get it to stop repeating is to do another user initiated break which will unstick the key.

I using Ubuntu if that makes any difference?

[Linked Image from]

emu.keypost("`") won't unstick the ` key.

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