Found my notes: The guy at vcf east who was working on dumping the keyboard controller stuff was Eric Rangell:
He had a replica-1 apple1 clone at vcf, and had a "The Keyboard Company" 2-part keyboard for it which used a 331-0931-B // KR3600-070 // SMC // 8151 chip on it, which I'm 99% sure (due to sharing the "931" part number) is a second source of the ay-5-3600-931 (or, given the 'B', perhaps a minor bugfix of it) used on the later II and II+ and europlus, so running it connected to an apple1 is a bit of a hack? Then again the apple1 does want ascii input, so maybe it's really not a hack...

semi-offtopic: I'm curious if it is possible to use a common ay-5-3600-pro and an eprom on a tiny daughterboard to replace the very rare ay-5-3600-931/331-0931-B on the 2-part keyboard from the later II and the II+, if we had the 931 mask rom data (or just a digital truth table)... Obviously pin 5 from the pro has to be swapped in place of pin 4 from the 931, since the AKO (any key output) pin is used by the AppleII and the mask options moved it to a different pin. Do the appleII/II+ need the B10 output pin at all?


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