Thanks, robj! That wico trackball information is really good!


Here's something interesting I saw on ebay: A digital atari joystick interface from West side electronics, the DJI-100. According to the seller,

Apple II Digital Joystick

Interface Card - Blank PCB

West Side Electronics DJI-100

This is a blank PC Board that was used to make a Digital Joystick interface card for the Apple II. Technically it was used in a Corvus computer as part of a simulator built for a government agency. It attaches to a digital joystick such as the WICO #15-9714 through a 9-pin D connector. It provides an interrupt signal to the computer whenever the joystick is moved or one of the buttons is pressed. The computer can also read the state of the joystick at any time. Complete schematic is also included so you can build your own or use it as the starting point for another project.

NOTE: This item is the blank PCB and schematic only; photos of the partially built and prototype units are for reference only.

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I wonder if the J.Mazur listed on the schematic is Jeff Mazur who made the cdrive.