I’m pleased to report that Audio Overload for Catalina is now ready for beta.

There are two known issues in the current code that I will resolve before a release:

- There’s no way to close a file after you open it.
- Export to WAV is not available.

If you notice any problems with this other than the above please let me know. Steps for reproduction would be very much appreciated also.

Changes over the last public release eleven years ago are:

- Rewrote the Mac front end using Cocoa/Objective-C. AO now works on macOS Catalina.
- Overhauled the Orchestra-90 playback code. The result isn't perfect yet but it's much closer to the real thing than in the past.
- Various improvements to the VGM playback code:
* Added support for the AY8910 (CPC, MSX, ZX Spectrum, some arcade titles)
* Added support for a second SN76496 PSG (some arcade titles)
* Added support for file formats >1.10. Please note that AO currently only supports
AY8910, SN76496, YM2413, and YM2612 chips for VGM files – files using other chips
will display a warning and are unlikely to do anything.
- Updated to zlib 1.2.8.

You can download this here:


Feedback welcomed.