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I can't go into too much detail, but it's not anyone donating the games themselves; about a year ago or so I was put in contact with this one tech-industry person who became personally wealthy during the Internet bubble days, and has an interest in digital preservation.

The agreement we have is that we'll try to fund as much as we can from our own pockets, but in the event that there's something particularly rare that we would have to otherwise pass up due to being unable to fund it via collective donations, I can ping him and if he agrees, it'll get funded.

Oh, wow. That's extremely fortunate.
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Those look fantastic

No, you do •ᴗ•

I changed a couple of things since first uploading cause (as usual) I shipped with some errors. There was also a static screen flipped up top which I removed. I might try putting that back in. If anyone notices more errors or anything that could benefit things, please let me know..