I am using a snapshot of MAME source just after the LCD/VFD issue on OSX went fixed so it is 0.215 for sure. I see the option, I have also declared the path to the archive where covers_SL.zip is but nothing appears after entering the selected software list. However I just discovered that if I rename "covers_SL.zip" to "covers.zip" they works as expected and the graphics is correctly displayed in the UI tab but the name of the original zip archive for 0.215 EXTRAs release is just "covers_SL.zip" so this is only a naming issue, can be solved eihter adding "covers_SL" in the source as valid archive name or the mantainer of the EXTRAs distribution should decide for "covers" or "covers_SL" :-)

Anyway, after renaming all is working as expected. Thank you very much.

While I am here I also have a wish for the UI: a quick way to switch between the Favorites list and the full list without entering the Configuration menu, in this way the Favorites list could be populated much faster. Just an idea :-)

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