The problem was introduced by a commit by AJR. In infoxml.cpp on line 1954 tag is output before name for the software list entry:

out << util::string_format("\t\t<softwarelist tag=\"%s\" name=\"%s\" status=\"%s\"", normalize_string(newtag.c_str()), normalize_string(swlist.list_name().c_str()), swlist.is_original() ? "original" : "compatible");

This order is also not consistent with the DTD:

                <!ELEMENT softwarelist EMPTY>
                        <!ATTLIST softwarelist name CDATA #REQUIRED>
                        <!ATTLIST softwarelist tag CDATA #REQUIRED>
                        <!ATTLIST softwarelist status (original|compatible) #REQUIRED>
                        <!ATTLIST softwarelist filter CDATA #IMPLIED>

qmc2 relies on name being the first attribute after softwarelist.

Exchanging the order fixes the issue. I will commit the fix shortly.