Well, I could also migrate it to git on SourceForge. If we think there’s any chance of external contributions, git vs svn is far more of a differentiating factor than GitHub vs SourceForge. But we don’t have people knocking on the door with contributions, whether they be updates, fixes or improvements. MAME already had plenty of people wanting/trying to contribute before it was moved to GitHub. Sure, pull requests on GitHub are simpler and more transparent, but the stream of external contributions was already there. I don’t see it materialising for qmc2 just by migrating it to git.

Also, I don’t have particularly high hopes for René devoting more time to qmc2 after his recovery. Even before his stroke, he’d been spending less time on it because of the other things going on in his life. As sad as it may be, qmc2 is going to suffer the same fate as any other piece of software that never moves beyond being a personal labour of love – they inevitably stagnate and die when the author loses interest or moves on.