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I am not taking over maintenance of qmc2. I have enough going on in real life and a big enough MAME to-do list that it isn’t going to happen. FWIW I dislike qmc2 as a front-end. It’s very cluttered, it shoves all sorts of things into a tree view when they’d be better presented as information pages, on Mac it has widgets that look native but don’t behave the same way as native controls. After looking at the core code, it’s deep in technical debt, and needs a serious rework of its data layer. You’d likely be better off taking the data layer from minimaws (which covers 99% of what a front-end like qmc2 uses) and building something on top of that.

I wasn't suggesting that you do the builds. One of the users should be able to handle that. You've already gone past the line of duty!
I suppose I'm so fond of QMC2 because it seems like a natural evolution of the mameui and messui, I used 15 years ago.
You might want to blame QT for you look/feel issues.
Thanks for the info on minimaws. I'll try and take a look at it.