Interesting. The only thing I could find persistent were my preferences for the display layouts using xrandr in the script above:
$ xrandr --listactivemonitors
Monitors: 3
 0: +XWAYLAND2 1200/350x1920/540+0+1280  XWAYLAND2
 1: +XWAYLAND35 2560/600x1600/340+1200+0  XWAYLAND35
 2: +XWAYLAND36 2560/600x1600/340+1200+1600  XWAYLAND36

... and to parse X/Y to determine which one was the left, top, and bottom displays. The 4K displays are HDMI and are "disconnecting" when they go to sleep and re-register upon wake. The 2K display is DVI-D and pretty much remains static.