Hello, I am new here and have some questions I could not find in the search or other web searches (other than dead links). Is there a database of controls needed to play each game in MAME? How do I know which control (Dial, Paddle, etc) the game is expecting to be controlled by? I know there is a config menu and I know I can just add my control input for Paddle and again for Dial and one of them will work, but which choice is the one needed?

Specifically, I am looking for driving type games that use a steering wheel, yoke or handlebars that utilize pots, optical devices and switches. I also need info about whether the steering wheel is RTC (Return To Center using spring or motor) and has 270 degrees of operation or it spins 360+ degrees without limitation and probably uses an optical encoder instead of a pot.

I am about to compile my own database of driving/steering games and I want to check here first. If there is nothing available now I will share my findings at a later date. I will include data like Manufacturer, Date, Type Control, RTC-Y/N, Brake, Clutch, Gas, Shift, etc. If you can think of additional data that should be included with this database please let me know.

Thanks for your input!