OK I went through my stash of microcontrollers and handhelds and such with "open" issues. here is the list:

* The Dracula - uses a TMS1xxx chip in 40 pin shrink dip, mask code MP6354. I can send it for decap, the game is in bad shape.
* Firefox F-7 - it uses a UPD7528C-011. A decap that is high resolution might help dump these; I know there are other games with this and similar series chips. It also has a UPD1771 but this is dumped.
* Bandai Nazono Pyramid (LCD game, solar powered) has a hitachi "43381" which might be an HD43381 or similar type device (no google luck on HD43381). It's a small QFP so they could've left the prefix off. I can send that in for decapping/LCD scanning. I think this game is relatively rare but this one is trashed.
* Radio Shack Highway (LCD game) not sure what CPU, has a gloptop. probably one of the standard ones though. I can send this to be decapped. Similar to a game and watch.
* Radio Shack Volcano (LCD game) similar to the above, I am not sure where it went but I still have it somewhere. same form factor, etc
* Amidar - CPU should be dumpable, it's a mitsubishi M58103. A datasheet would help greatly to identify the IOs. given that I could most likely dump it if I know what pin is what IO port. (this is Rik's)
* Mego Breakfree - LCD game, large and early LCD. this uses an 8048, but it's protected- I tried to dump it and it won't dump. I could probably send that for a decap too.
* Mattel World Champ. Football - VFD, I dumped both microcontrollers and did the VFD and stuff for this. was it ever emulated?

that's all the handhelds themselves. I have the following loose chips:

* HD38842A23 - got in the ebay lot. not sure what's on it, has not been dumped. I can't find a datasheet I don't think. (42 pin DIP)
* HD44801A75 - I was informed this has been dumped. it's analogous to the HD38800. (someone sent this to be dumped, from an arcade board AFAIR)
* HD44820A48 - QFP with large pitch (1mm) with the same number of pins and form factor as the HD38820. (got in an ebay auction of repair parts. new in a bag, I have a few)
* UPD7537C024 - found at a surplus place. maybe similar to the 7528 in the firefox f-7 game, but has more ROM or something? not sure how to dump.
* UPD553C-167 - found at surplus place. It is marked "sony" and is new in a bag. I dumped it and it's under random dumps on my handheld dir
* TI micro, custom marked. 40 pin shrink dip, marked 77673074 / C10020N2 DCU8423 / (C)1981 TI (C)1984 TI / 13491 (whew lots of text) I believe it's a TMS1xxx micro, got a few, I can send for decap if sean wants to look. Got this at a surplus place.

so that is the stuff I have kicking around. I would be fine sending anything pretty much of mine for decap if someone wants to have a go.