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The supposedly bugfixed purple version of Judge doesn't seem to have been preserved yet.

Correct. Likewise, a bugfixed alternate version of (I think) Chef is also not preserved.

The good news is that the bugfixed version of Judge is in a different case color, and so should be relatively easy to track down if anyone is willing to put in the time. The bad news is that the bugfixed version of Chef requires opening the case and reading the marking on the chip package, which I doubt any seller would be willing to do.

I was aware of Judge and Helmet, what's meant to be fixed in Chef?

For Helmet, I thought we had the fixed version (or am I mistaken) so low serial number Japanese originals are probably going to have the buggy version.

I think Helmet is what JD was thinking of. And correct... we have the fixed version today... the only way to tell 100% is by checking inside the case; the pcb for the one we need will be marked CN-07, instead of CN-17 (bugfix).

And just to expand a bit on what hap mentioned:

Judge... just need to find a purple one.

Egg... the SVG on this one is really poor, plus the ROM dump needs to be verified, and to make sure the background overlay is indeed the same as Mickey Mouse.

Table-Top Cement Factory... need the one with the "not Queen" startup music.

RELAX and just have fun.
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