Hi there,

I have a weird behaviour with C64 loading cartridges when adding a lot of options.

When launching MAME like this on Windows 10:
mame64.exe c64p -cartridge batman

everything works fine, the cartridge gets loaded and the game gets run.

However, when I add all those parameters like this by forcing all the default parameters to appear on the command line:
c64p -bios r3 -ramsize 65536 -exp "" -iec10 "" -iec11 "" -iec4 "" -iec8 c1541 -iec9 "" -joy1 "" -joy2 joy -tape c1530 -user "" -cassette "" -floppydisk "" -cartridge batman -quickload ""

MAME gets me to the default Basic V2 prompt and then I can try to type commands like load or list but it looks like the cartridge hasn't been loaded at all.

Is it me not understanding how C64 works, a bug, a feature?