Ok, so I add this to my device_luaprinter_interface:

It's a pointer to lua_engine in m_luaengine,
and also a pointer to a member function of lua_engine.

So I can call the function by

where astr is the string to execute.


static void (lua_engine::* lualoadstring)(const char * astr);
static lua_engine *m_luaengine;

void callloadstring(const char *astr) { 
     printf("Trying callloadstring %s\n",astr); 

and then in luaengine initialize them:

device_luaprinter_interface::lualoadstring = &lua_engine::load_string;
device_luaprinter_interface::m_luaengine = this; 

so now I can do this:

[MAME]> l = manager:machine().lp[1]
[MAME]> l:callloadstring(" l:callloadstring('print(\"whoa!\")') ")
Trying callloadstring  l:callloadstring('print("whoa!")') 
Trying callloadstring print("whoa!")