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Now I need to figure out how the ap2000 does 240 dpi because the steppers seem to step at 120 dpi, perhaps you have to watch the timing of when the printhead is fired, firing it when it's moving in-between stepper positions.
The firmware was beautifully written and calculated down to the microseconds it takes for the printhead to hit the paper. Look for two comments which have "417 microseconds" in epson_lx810l.cpp.

In epson_lx810l_device::co0_w():
The firmware expects a 300 microseconds delay between the fire signal and the impact of the printhead on the paper. This can be verified by the timings of the steps and fire signals for the same positions with different directions (left to right or right to left). We don't simulate this delay since it is smaller than the time it takes the printhead to travel one pixel (which would be 417 microseconds), so it makes no difference to us. It is interesting to note that the vertical alignment between lines which are being printed in different directions is noticeably off in the 20+ years old printer used for testing =).

In epson_lx810l_device::device_timer()
The firmware issues two half-steps in sequence, one immediately after the other. At full speed, the motor does two half-steps at each 833 microseconds. A timer fires the printhead twice, with the same period as each half-step (417 microseconds), but with a 356 microseconds delay relative to the motor steps.