I was reading up on the apple iigs history today and saw a mention of an easter egg where on a ROM 3, you press control-option-openapple-N but I couldn't get it to work.

(from duxburysystems.org:)
A feature that was added to the ROM 03 firmware that was entirely fun, instead of functional, was accessed by a specific key-sequence. If the computer was booted with no disk in the drive, a message that said "Check startup device" appeared, with an apple symbol sliding back and forth. At that point, if the user pressed the keys "Ctrl", "Open Apple", "Option", and "N" simultaneously, the digitized voices of the Apple IIGS design team could be heard shouting "Apple II!" Also, the names of those people would be displayed on the screen.

The problem stemmed from my keyboard that isn't n-key rollover and the RALT key combined with the N won't register properly with all the other keys down. Just remapping the option key from RALT to RWIN allowed me to hit all the keys necessary to hear the "Apple II!" shout. (CTRL+LALT+RWIN+N)

(screenshots below)

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