Hi exidyboy,
it's been a while since I last checked the Rainbow driver.
I have disk images for CP/M-86/80 2.0(1.1) and 2.1(1.1), this is how they identify themselves on the boot screen.
Both the emulated A and B models can boot from either disk image. There's another disk image that is called cpmv11.td0, which boots on neither model, and I can't even display its directory if I boot from another floppy image - maybe it's an image of a defective disk.
I have only ever come across B models, so I can't really say how the A should react and what it should display. The emulated "A" seems to have a different display/terminal emulation attached, as the screen is not cleared when CP/M starts to boot, and you can see a screen formatting code instead.

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