I do have the RX78 in my possession and will be happy to assist however I can with improving the driver. The colors as have been noted before are wrong and are in Takeda's emulator as well.

I'm a bit confused with Motocross, upon looking at the chip numbers i see 64 in them so maybe it's a 2764 chip and not 27128. So I redumped both and put them in the folder, once as 128 and once as 64. Hopefully these may work, I just wonder if they're linked differently due to being the longer PCB than small one all the others were.

Tried another recording of the tape, this time at 22hz though for me that made no difference sadly.

That's promising on Sekigahara! I got a bit of translation from the manual on how to maybe play the game?

1) Press space
2) "Which number will Tokugawa Ieyasu be?" will be displayed on screen
3) Tilt joystick 2 in any direction from 1 through 4.
1 corresponds to unit 7; 2 to unit 8; 3 to unit 9; 4 to unit 10.

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