Confirmed that my copy works the same on the 100A as the 100B and the picture matches what I posted for the 100B. Looks like escape sequences are getting lost in the 100A one in MAME for some reason. I have screen shots of the physical rainbows, but I didn't include them because they didn't add any info and I thought it might be seen as bragging (plus my machine room is a mess).

Also, my 100A identifies itself as having version 01.01.11A firmware rather than the 04.03.11A firmware that's in the archive. I've not snagged the ROMs to see what the difference might be.
[Linked Image from]

I've uploaded the CP/M 1.0 disk image in physical sector order. The label says:

CP/M-86/80 V1.0 BIN RX50
Serial No. PC100-528-38978
Part # BL-N648A-BV

I've never got the hang of converting the images I have to TD0 or ImageDisk format. frown. Since only the Lotus 123 disks have the copy protection stuff on it, it hasn't been much of an issue...

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