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Hi bsdimp,
looks great, thanks! For most of my stuff I use either Teledisk or Imagedisk, if necessary I have converted those images back to pure sector images.
Yea, for me it's mostly a container format I've not needed. I'll convert the raw images to imagedisk and upload them.

If you can, please dump the ROMs of your Rainbow 100 A ... looks like you have quite an early set from the boot message you posted.
Dumped to a MS-DOS floppy. Will upload once I can transfer it with the 100B I have setup for that stuff... I'll post when I have both these things done.

And I'll go through the metadata that I have for the drives. Some stuff that is just a little too early to be interesting for my present quest to find Univation Drivers for their Hard Disks, but there may be some other interesting bits mixed in that I've not noticed til now...


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