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There's absolutely interest in whatever peripherals you can dig up materials for. Good photos of the controller card where you can read the chip labels/types are important too.
I'll give the card modeling lessons then... I'll scan the docs I have (again?) and post what I've puzzled out along with pictures. It looks like there's an I/O port interface that's small. A magical process happens (more later when I figure that out) and the data goes out a 34 pin cable that's converted to a 50pin SCSI cable inside the disk enclosure. The enclosure has an adaptec ACB-4000 that rejiggers the SCSI commands into Winchester. The disk's on-disk structure differs from a standard rainbow in ways I've not puzzled out. The card doubles as a memory card, and there's a weird 64k that's on the 'adapter' card, unsure if it is cache or extra memory for the system. The card plugs into the memory adapter, but has two 'vampire' clips that connect to the 74LS138 E51 over the BDL Select 1, 2, 3 and 4. The second connector connects somewhere else. I'm unsure if this is for the 100A to use all the memory, of if it's an interrupt line, more when I puzzle that out (my current favorite guess is E80 74LS373 which is fans the interrupt sources in)... I'm also trying to recover files from the badly non-functional drive that came with the controller....

And if I'm really really lucky, a machine with a second one (but no disk) arrives tomorrow hopefully with the vampire connectors intact. I have docs, but it only talks about one of the vampire connections.