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And if I'm really really lucky, a machine with a second one (but no disk) arrives tomorrow hopefully with the vampire connectors intact. I have docs, but it only talks about one of the vampire connections.
I was both lucky and unlucky.

The new Rainbow did not have a Univation HBC. Alas. I was wrong in my guess.

However, there was a C.H.S. Dual Winchester Controller that supported 2 winnies. So that might be interesting to emulate. I'll see if I can add emulation for this. I know Venix supports it, and IIRC, the DEC driver in MS-DOS 3.1 does too (but I've not confirmed this). This card is based on the WD1010 as well, and I believe just uses the 'drive' field (bits 3 and 4) in SDH register. I'll try to confirm that. I've not traced it out, but since it was supported in Venix I think it's only a small delta from the standard DEC card.

There was also 8087 card with memory and ???? things with a ROM socket???? Weird. I'll have to look at this and maybe add support (if there's 8087 support in base mame).
And some Dallas semi RTC chip (my pics were too blurry to know which one)
Oh, and if that weren't enough, a graphics card!
Now, to see if all this stuff works or not...

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