It almost certainly is. I have pics of the end of the card by the SCSI/SASI connector and all the chips are on the Xebec sample card. This looks to be similar to sider on apple2ga. But with some twists since Sider 1 had 256 byte sectors (this has 512) and Sider 2 had 512, but with weird byte interleave that isn't the case here (neither in the image I grabbed from the hard drive nor the driver)... So there may be some code that can be adapted... Looks similar to the lux21056 code on the abcbus that might be adapted. the univation device is a subset and only has sasi_status_r, sasi_data_r, sasi_data_w, sasi_sel_w and sasi_rst_w.... Looks like the status bits are wired up a little differently, though... Still, looks manageable.

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