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Where, approximately, is this person located?


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How many disks do they have?

10 to 14

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I still have my setup intact and can use it to image disks if necessary (but I do understand all the issues involved)... What kind of hard drive do they have?

They do not have a hard drive.

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Is it setup for CP/M or MS-DOS?

See above

Said Rainbow fancier has equipped themselves to image disks and kindly sent me IMD images for 6 off Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.01 disks
1 off WORDSTAR 3.30 with bootable MS-DOS 2.11
1 off Rainbow 100 Diagnostics Disk, version 1.1
A pair of images (A and B) for Learn Rainbow Bin RX50-A Disk, the B disk needs to be in the other drive.

Apparently these should work on "Rainbow A and B (and B+ for that matter)". Images have been tested by writing back to physical media and tested on actual machine. If these are of interest PM me a real email address and I'll send the .zip