Here's a scan of the "HARD DISK SUBSYSTEMS for the DEC Rainbow Installation Guide" that Suitable Solutions published. It's a lightly rewritten CHS Dual Disk Controller guide, with advice for what to do with Suitable Solutions IDRIVES if you are installing those as well... I have also found a XDRV.SYS on one of my disks, so we have MS-DOS drivers for the dual card (which happened to be in a Rainbow I bought on spec lately, but it didn't come with a driver). I can't find a DISKPART.EXE that is talked about in the manual, however, so I don't know if I can partition it. Nor do I know if the global 1024 cylinder limit applies to multiple drives, or is really per-drive. Something to play with, I guess. HARD DISK SUBSYSTEM. I'll send it to Al to see if he can include it in Bitsavers. I've also uploaded my Univation manual Univation Install for people that are interested. I'm not yet ready to upload the disassembled driver for the latter, though, since there's a couple of details I want to poke into first.

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