The videos revealed that Prowrestling, Tekigahara, and Championship Racing have colour problems.

At this time I can't see any generic solution, so I've added specific code to handle Prowrestling and Tekigahara without breaking anything else. Since freeze time is upon us, I'll commit this, and it can be revisited later.

Championship Racing however is problematic. Not only do the colour overlays and priorities not make much sense, but the game itself runs differently to what is in the video. When you start the race, a traffic-light is supposed to show on the right, with lights indicating a countdown, while your car is stationary. When the countdown finishes you may start moving. In MAME, the race starts immediately you hit Space, without bothering to wait for the traffic lights. This causes a corrupted display on the right for a short while. Also, the video shows the roadside poles and the hills as orange, but there's no orange in the palette, being replaced by pink.

So, for now this game will be set to "partial" support in the hash file.