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This seems consistent with what I'm used to seeing. Maybe QMC2 has always reported rom check incorrectly?
Sorry, I don´t know. Maybe I should try with older MAME 0.227.

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Does indytempc work? Does it now fail, when previously it worked?
Sorry, I don´t know this too.

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btw: My indytempc is shown as C (green), though 'driver status' is 'imperfect'.
Mine is showed red with MAME 0.228. When trying to start it by Double Click from QMC2, it doesn´t start.
With manual start on commandline "MAME64.EXE indytempc" the game starts.

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Are you stopping 'check roms'? Or is it aborting? Try checking, again, and watch the progress, to make sure it is completing (watch the status bar)...
Now that you write this, I remember there was some problems in older QMC2-versions with "Check roms" where the Audit-Run just quits without any error. Progess bar still shows 0%.
I haven´t stopped "Check roms" (Auditing) manually.
It´s hard to find out. Seems I have to do more checks even with a freshly created MAME-Dir and just QMC2x64 and some ROMs like indytempc

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