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Sorry @Robbbert for this false alarm. Looks really to me that QMC2 with MAME 0.228 doesn´t work, even on smallest Audit-Tests.

So does it work or not? Your comment is confusing.

I agree. The two lines seem in contradiction. Perhaps a language translation error? Change 'doesn't' to 'didn't' and things seem less confusing. 'False alarm' suggests that there is/was no compatibility issue with QMC2 and MAME 0.228. And the reply, to me, implies that the issue was strictly a QMC2 thrashed .db issue. This can happen, during startup, if QMC2 crashes, or process is ended with Task Manager, or if the 'corrupt .db button' (end processing) is pressed.

I hope Luzie follows up, on this thread...