hello, I am new to Mame and am having difficulty with HLSL. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm loading a game (Mushihime sama in this case). I press the key to bring up the parameters of HLSL. I have the mask which is displayed, I can adjust the strength, round the corners of the screen, blur the image etc ... Then I note all its parameters in the MAME.INI which is in the main folder MAME, I save the file and yet when I restart my game it doesn't work. The corners are not rounded none of the parameters are loaded. I read the documentation correctly but there is mention of arcade.ini (which I could not find anywhere in the file). I also saw that people on tutorials several years old were talking about raster.ini (I found it in the .ini folder) I changed the HLSL settings in it but it didn't change anything either. All the tutorials on the net are not clear or do not address the issue and the interfaces are completely different. Can you explain to me what I'm doing wrong. Thank you

I am using windows 10 with the latest version of mame