Disks 1 + 2 appeared 'broken' - until i corrected the sector skew

Because i found Apple references, i tried Ciderpress afterwards (normally ill-suited for Rainbow images, but very capable concerning the general UCSD format) -

Here is a link to the uncompressed files + disk images - with a bit of descriptive text in the main directory:
[files in the Apple directory have the same size as indicated in the Ciderpress screenshot, so i guess MS-DOS / CP/M / UCSD executables could be reconstructed..somehow ]

As already noted, disk 3 is a regular CP/M image - and can be extracted with 'cpmtools' ('dec_pro' setting, see DISKDEFS).

The three most relevant documents on Bitsavers appear to be


There is no emulation of the Z80 controller yet - just a register (HLE) emulation - as far as i remember. So OMNINET related things and firmware uploads will probably fail.

Not sure how to continue from here on... Given CP/M or UCSD enthusiasts are rare nowadays. crazy

EDIT: Al Kossow has some first hand experience with Corvus hardware and customs.
We discussed the necessity to archive hard disk contents years ago. There were special or reserved sections on Corcus hard disks (PIPE, BACKUP etc.) which can get lost if formatted.
PIPE was reserved for OS independent file transfer (and indirect print); BACKUP was a restriced place where a user could log in without password (file restoration only).

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