In the Grappler Manual, it lists DIP switch settings for specific printers:

ANADEX 9500 - 9301
All switches on S—3 must be off. Set switches on S-l snd S—2 appropriately.
All four switches oust be off.
Shorting plug must be hooked up to the red post for no auto—line feed.
EPSON MX-80; MX-SOFT with Graftrax-80
All switches on S-2 should be off. Dip switch S-l, switch 8 must be on and switch 3 must be off.
S—2 switch 3 must be off
S—1 switch 6 must be off and switch 8 must be on.
I.D.S. 440G - 445G
S—4 switches 5, 6 and 7 Must be off
S—3 switches 6 must be on and switch 7 must be off
Strapping for 440G — 445G (locate beside I.D.S. cable connector)
9-6 - busy active when high 11-5 — strobe data on positive edge 14—1 — always remain installed
I.D.S. 460G - 560G
S-4 switch 5 must be off and switch on S—3 switches 6 and 7 off
Strapping for 4600—5600 (locate beside I.D.S. cable connector)
Must be strapped as shipped.
8—7 installed for parallel
11— 4 installed for busy rising high
12— 3 installed for negative going strobe

I've seen a label for a NEC-1 c1981 rom.

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Anadex used an interesting protocol for their dot graphics:

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