What controller(s) are you trying to use?

What do you get if you don't try to do stable controller ids?

You should see something where it's adding a joystick

Keyboard: Start initialization
Input: Adding keyboard #0: System keyboard (device id: System keyboard)
Keyboard: Registered System keyboard
Keyboard: End initialization
Mouse: Start initialization
Input: Adding mouse #0: System mouse (device id: System mouse)
Mouse: Registered System mouse
Mouse: End initialization
Lightgun: Begin initialization
Lightgun: End initialization
Joystick: Start initialization
Input: Adding joystick #0: UserspaceJoystick (device id: 03000000030000000300000002000000)
Joystick: Userspace Joystick [GUID 03000000030000000300000002000000]
Joystick:   ...  3 axes, 25 buttons 0 hats 1 balls
Joystick:   ...  Physical id 0 mapped to logical id 1
Joystick:   ...  Does not have haptic capability
Joystick: End initialization