You wouldn't know it from the blurb, and I don't expect people to read the whatsnew attempting to connect all the pieces.

0.231 saw a number of improvements in TRS-80 emulation.

- Preliminary software lists added for disks, cassette and quickload. Since the system was reputed to have more software than the Apple II at one stage, users might want to flesh these out.
- Fixed disk booting for the Model 4
- Fixed the quickload (CMD), the rules for loading the data parts had mathematical errors.
- Due to the memory system upgrade, CMD was mostly crashing. It's been fixed for Model 1 and 3, but disabled for Model 4.
- Loading of CAS files has been fixed.
- Loading of CAS files for Level 1, and for Model 3 was added
- Added emulation of JV3-format disks - together with JV1, DMK and IMD, this allows reading of almost all available disks.
- You can choose which type of disk drive to use (via the slot mechanism). This fixed the IMD breakage after its recent modifications.
- Radionic, and LNW-80 have been split off to their own drivers due to hardware differences.
- The EACA Video Genie was added.

The drivers are still marked MNW because of disk-related issues. They can freeze when reading or writing, and they may crash when writing. I don't know if it's an emulation issue or a core floppy problem.