When you mentioned sandworm, I could only think of "Harkonnen vee-hickle destroyed". I can't think how many hours I wasted on Dune II back in 1994/95 on a friend's awesome 486, which even had a sound card (my lowly 286 had an amber monochrome monitor, no sound card, and didn't even have Windows, just bare old MS-DOS).

And yes, when I mentioned trojans I was pointing to the fact that back in the day a lot of hacked programs from shady websites actually did have malware included as part of the package (usually via installers, SFX archives etc. but sometimes in the main executable as well). It wasn't just emulators, it was a lot of useful things like "full" shareware programs with the crippleware/time limits patched or cracked commercial software (tell me you didn't want to rar everything 20 years ago because zip files were up to a third larger; I still had a 2GB hard drive in 2001). Of course 0.129 is well beyond the 1998-2003 era of Win9x/XP viruses but it's still something I remember quite well. I also learned something today, the K word isn't actually censored here, some emulation forums had blocked the word entirely, hence the asterisks.