And the ParallelPro is supposed to do color graphic dumps:

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Unfortunately, there's no pixel doubling or emphasized graphics on the ParallelPro so I've stretched it out to fill the space, but you can see the color.

One thing that's a little odd is that the imagewriter has
ESC K 0 black
ESC K 1 yellow
ESC K 2 red
ESC K 3 blue
but the hexdump has K3 K3 K2 K1 I would expect it to be K0 K3 K2 K1

and if I select the Apple DMP as the printer and try color, it just omits the ESC K code to select the color.

Something is off with some of the other color printers as well. I wonder if there were some bugs with the color printing routines. It's like the color ribbon selection codes are mismatched to the type of printer.
The ESC b ESC c ESC m ESC y IBM style gets matched to a different printer.

Somehow I wonder if the color capabilities weren't exercised that much as not many people had color printers.

It took me a long time to find manuals for the okimate 20 and the IBM Color Printer (IBM 5182)

Toshiba P351C, P351SX, P321SLC manuals are nowhere to be found on the net.

14c0: K} r r r r A 2 K L0 L} K0 K| L} K~ K}
1500: A 2 A 2@ S0280 QS0560 QS0640 S0560 S0192 QS0384 S0400 S0384
1540: NT16 NA@ S0280 QS0560 QS0640 S0560 S0192 QS0384 S0400 S038
1580: 4 C7 C4 C2 C1 NT16 NA ;0280 0560 0640 ;0560 ;0192 0384 ;
15c0: 0400 ;0384 b c m y L07 L18 P Q Q P P Q P P r r r r
1600: #A 6 nG0280 pG0560 pG0640 nG0560 nG0192 pG0384 nG0400 nW0384 K
1640: 3 K3 K2 K1 T16 A@ G0280 QG0560 QG0640 G0560 G0192 QG0384 G04
1680: 00 G0384 NT16 NA@@$0! @ s@3 p 0 @p4s003 L @ #
16c0: !