Reached an initial milestone for the extremely rare NS32016-based Tektronix 6130 Intelligent Graphic Workstation. It was supposed to be part of a family of 6100 systems, but it never gained much traction. There's a slightly younger 4132 model which is very similar, mainly exchanging the MFM hard disk controller for SCSI, so hopefully that will be fairly straightforward to emulate as soon as firmware shows up.

It's starting up and passing a number of diagnostics before failing to boot and reverting to a strange monitor on the second serial port. The Am9516 DMA controller used by the floppy controller isn't implemented yet (also needed elsewhere, like Sun 3), and it doesn't like something about the i82586, but otherwise looking pretty good. Now we just need the 6100 version of UTek installation media or a hard disk image and we should be able to claim another unique Unix workstation emulation for MAME.

With this and the Acorn 32016 second processor now running the Panos operating system successfully, it seems like most of the bugs in the NS32000 CPU core are sorted out; the major remaining task is to implement the 32082 MMU. Fortunately given the abysmal performance of this CPU, emulating at full speed via interpreter is no problem.

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