Was wondering if anyone has come across snes not working on Mame running on a raspberry pi? I have the snes bios (tries as snes folder or snes.zip) The same roms work on the same pi inside Retroarch. The same roms also work on mame running on x86/64 linux as well. I have tried numerous bios, also have tried mame 32bit, 64bit. Have tested numerous mame versions (.185, .196, .213, .225, .228, .230) Also have tried raspberry pi 32bit and 64bit. Its very strange. The behavior i am seeing is when the rom launches I get one of 2 scenarios based on the rom itself.
1. Solid black screen showing with the bezel
2. Initially get a Nintendo Logo, then black screen with the bezel like in #1.

The same behaviors happen if I run either from the Mame UI or straight from cli

This happens in every snes rom I have tried on the pi using mame. Other systems like NES, Sega and reg Arcade have no issues. Any thoughts ideas?

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