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given the 'fixed' image, I guess there is either some bug in the game here (or the image we have is from the same source as the non-fixed one listed?)

the question is does it crash on real hardware without the fix, is it protection, is the non-fixed one actually a bad / corrupt disk that's been dumped by multiple people...
What AJR posted in the shoutbox suggests that the dmac is supposed to receive the bus error and end the transfer and the cpu bus error input is gated off.

The game plays the sound then ignores the bus error when the dma goes off the rails. It's possible the developers made this mistake but didn't notice becuase the bus error ends the erroneous transfer.

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Also the magic selection does work on stage 2, but always defaults back to showing 'attitude' even when you have a different powerup selected (you can tell if you have argentina selected because you're slower but more powerful) that seems odd and doesn't match videos I can see?
Pressing space selects the magic.
I misread this, selecting the weapon works on stage 3 for all except argentina which, as you noted, always shows attitude. The nicovideo also shows that happen at 7:30.

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